The work of CMDC is supported in part by a grant from The Joyce Foundation, The University of Chicago’s Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts and Office of Civic Engagement’s Community Programs Accelerator and countless individual donors.

This program is also partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.

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Summer Camp & Intensive

June 24 - August 3

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Summer Camp & Intensive

Ages 5 - 18

Dance Camp - Ages 5 - 8
CMDC offers a 6-week program for young dancers ages 5 - 9. Students are given the opportunity to study multiple disciplines of dance, 5 days a week. They will grow their technique and have some fun while taking The Homer Bryant’s Floor Ballet, Ballet, Hip Hop/Jazz Fusion, Tap, and more. The Dance Camp also includes weekly field trips and daily outside recess!
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Intensive - Ages 9+
CMDC offers a 6-week Summer Intensive for motivated dancers, ages 9 and up. Students will train intensely in various techniques including The Homer Bryant’s Floor Ballet, Ballet, Pointe, Modern, Contemporary, lyrical and more. Through the study of these techniques, along with repertory and master classes, the Summer Intensive is designed to grow each student technical, artistic and creative abilities!
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Early Childhood 

Ages 3 - 9

CMDC offers dance classes for children starting at age 3.  Students can choose from Creative Movement (ages 3 - 6), Beginning Ballet ages (6 - 9), Tap, Acrobatics, Hip Hop and African dance.  Classes are held on Saturday mornings from September through June. 

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Open Dance Class

Ages 10+

The Open Dance program allows students ages 10 and up the opportunity to study dance at their own pace. Open Dance students can choose their own schedule, and try different styles of dance.

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Pre Bryant Youth Professional Training

Ages 5 - 9

​The Pre-Youth Professional program is designed for young students that wish to study ballet more intensely, and participate in classes during the week. Training within this program is based upon skill level, age and commitment to the time required to build proper technique and artistry. This program focuses on ballet technique, terminology, strengthening/ conditioning, flexibility, coordination and musicality. Furthermore, students in this program are taught the importance of discipline and commitment necessary to be successful dancers. PYP students are required to take a minimum of 2 ballet classes per week, as well as specific classes from the multidisciplinary dance offerings.  PYP students are required to register for the entire program in order to progress to Division 1.

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Bryant Youth Professional Training 

Ages 9+

The Bryant Youth Professional (BYP) Training Program offers serious students an opportunity to train at a pre-professional level. Placement and training within this program are based upon skill level, as well as an understanding of the time commitment required to build proper technique and artistry. This program focuses on strengthening technique, flexibility, musicality, performance quality, and commitment to success. BYP students are required to take a minimum number of technique classes according to their division, as well as specific classes from the multidisciplinary dance offerings. BYP students are required to register for the entire program within their appropriate divisions.


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Adult Dance Fitness

Ages 18+

The Adult Program offers training for beginning and intermediate dancers 18+ who love the joy and discipline of the dance and the feeling of accomplishment that it brings. It’s dancing fun in a classical mold. As dancers progress they may do center with progressions involving jumps, turns and waltzes. Adult classes are a great form of exercise and all classes will put both hemispheres of the brain to work.

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Competition Team 

Ages 8+

The CMDC Dance Team offers serious students an opportunity to showcase their technical training in regional and national dance competitions. Age ranges from 8-18 years to compete. Dancers are given the opportunity to learn choreography in contemporary, lyrical, jazz, and hip hop with various choreographers. The team provides students the experience to build performance quality, consistency, and teamwork. Students who participate are committed for the year of competition season and are placed based on their technical training evaluation. 

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