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Please help us fund the next generation of dance!

CMDC is a non-profit organization enriching the lives of dancers of all ages. Support our work by donating TODAY! Every dollar donated goes directly to fund school and student needs. 

Concentration, Hard Work, Love, and Determination.

These are the words of Homer Hans Bryant's 1994 Rap Ballet, and it speaks to the amount of time and energy it takes to become a professional dancer.  Professional students often begin taking one or two classes per week at young ages, and by the time they are a pre-teen, they need to study 4 to 6 days per week to stay competitive.  For advanced students, tuition can run as high as $6,000 per year*,  and pointe shoes can cost an additional $1,200 - to well over $4,000 per year!**

CMDC works hard to provide low-cost dance training for all.  We strive to keep our tuition low and also to provide scholarships to help offset the high cost of training.
Can you please help us to fund the next generation of dance artists?  Through contributors like you, we've been able to train and nurture professional artists for more than 25 years.  Here is a short list of some of our alumni:
Former CMDC scholarship students include
It all adds up - no gift is too small.   We greatly appreciate any donation you are able to make.  Please also consider a recurring monthly donation to help sustain the work of Homer Bryant and CMDC.  
The Chicago Multicultural Dance Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and all contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Every dollar donated goes directly to fund school and student needs.
* "Raising A Ballerina Will Cost You $100,000"
** "Let's Talk Tuition: Three Students Get Candid About Their Training Expenses"

It Takes Years of Practice...

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