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Registration begins April 15th

CMDC SUMMER INTENSIVE 2024 Registration Opens Monday, April 15, 2024 (3

The CMDC Summer Intensive is a Dancer's education resource, focused on improved technique, correct body mechanics, heightened performance, and much more.  

Our CMDC instructors are dedicated to the progression of each Dancer that walks into our studios.

Our classes include Classical Ballet, Floor Ballet, Pointe, Tap, AfroBeats, Jazz, Modern, Ballet Rep, Variations, African, Beyond Dance, Wellness For Dancers, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Acro/Tumbling, and Stretch/Strengthen.  This variety allows for the development of a versatile Dancer, equipped for today's Dance industry.  In addition to these classes, our curriculum includes additional workshops and master classes exposing the Dancers to industry training and instructors.  

June 15, 2024

Join the AMAZING DANCERS of The Chicago Multicultural Dance Center as they take it to the Circus.  

Be entertained by our premier Dancers, Circus Clowns, Circus Musicians, Acrobatics, and more.


CMDC June Showcase Flyer.png
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